ALTENPFLEGE AVENEO - Raum für Innovationen

ALTENPFLEGE AVENEO is a space where the innovative ideas and expert contacts that belong together can meet. The ALTENPFLEGE innovation platform is a catalyst for concepts with the power to change the future of the care industry.

ALTENPFLEGE AVENEO is the perfect format for...

Exhibitors at ALTENPFLEGE who value aveneo’s culture of innovation and openness and want to connect it with their booth.

Companies that are searching for fresh ideas and promising talent.

Start-ups and founders who are looking for competent partners to help them transform innovative ideas into outstanding products.

Research groups that want to impress an interdisciplinary audience of specialists with trend-setting findings.

Students who can offer the care industry an important source of forward momentum in the form of new ideas, approaches and concepts.

Financing experts who want to use their experience and capital to help a small idea achieve a major breakthrough.

Foundations that are not only interested in short-term trends, but want to invest in long-term concepts and up-and-coming individuals.

In short, ALTENPFLEGE AVENEO is a space for anyone who wants to help shape the future of the care industry with ideas, impetus, passion, curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Become a part of ALTENPFLEGE AVENEO!

Promote the development of ideas: ALTENPFLEGE START-UP CHALLENGE

Are you a young entrepreneur with an innovative concept that could drive progress in nursing care? Then apply to take part in the ALTENPFLEGE START-UP CHALLENGE! We offer the opportunity to present your start-up concept as part of the ALTENPFLEGE AVENEO exhibit at ALTENPFLEGE. A jury of experts, made up of representatives from the care industry and technology sector will evaluate the nominated concepts over the three-day event and select the winners in three categories: “Monitoring”, “Care and Therapy” and “Service.”

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet with decision makers, establish new networks and open up new opportunities for market entry!

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