Good reasons for a visit

A fair you won’t want to miss

Are you interested in innovative products and services from the world of nursing care? Then you should check out the following five good reasons to come to Nuremberg from April 2nd to 4th 2019, where you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. No other trade fair in Germany offers you such a diverse range of topics from the field of nursing care.

1. Essential information on new innovations

ALTENPFLEGE has a well-earned reputation as a marketplace for innovations. Visitors repeatedly underscore the multitude of ideas they take away with them for their daily work. You’ll notice it right away, too!

2. Compact further education to enhance your skills

Knowledge is a result of putting in the effort. This is made easy for you at ALTENPFLEGE, featuring numerous opportunities to get new information: lectures, workshops, seminars, product presentations, discussions and much more.

3. A networking forum for you and your peers

Business is people. And you’ll find lots of informed people at ALTENPFLEGE, where you’ll exclusively encounter decision-makers and experts as well as other professionals working in the field of nursing care. Benefit from a wealth of opportunities to maintain and refresh your contacts at the fair.

4. A better feel for the market

Professional market exploration involves two things: concrete knowledge of a number of specific products and services and a general familiarity with the market as a whole. At ALTENPFLEGE, you’ll increase your knowledge in both areas.

5. A one-stop shop for information on further education opportunities

You never stop learning! That's why you’ve come to the right place at ALTENPFLEGE. There’s something for everyone among the numerous educational offerings from exhibitors, including further education and training opportunities, workshops and further qualification options.

Five reasons to beat a path to Nuremberg!

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