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The visitor target groups at ALTENPFLEGE

  • Operators and sponsors of care facilities
  • Independent entrepreneurs
  • Care service managers
  • Nursing care workers
  • Lecturers, teachers, research assistants
  • Architects, planners and designers
  • Representatives of associations, health insurers and state institutions
  • Institutional managers, managing directors and regional directors
  • Decision-makers from remedial care and the social economy
  • Residential area and catering managers
  • Housekeeping workers
  • Students
  • Consultants and investors

74.5% of visitors have an influence on procurement decisions at their enterprises

Economic sectors

Nursing Home (31.5%), Outpatient Services (11.5%), Retirement Home (17.8%), School/Education (3.9%), Disabled Facilities (1.7%), Charities (2.5%), Social Centre (3.8%), Day Care/Short-Term Care Facilities (1.3%), Manufacturer/Industry (1.6%), Other Area (14.0%), Students (7.8%)

Responsibilities at institution or enterprise

Nursing Care Services (44.1%), Business, Company or Plant Management (9.2%), Care/Supervision (6.5%), Home Management (6.0%), Catering/Housekeeping (4.2%), Sales/Distribution (2.3%), Other (9.5%), Students (7.8%)

Professional status

Self-employed/Owners/Managing Directors/Institutional Directors (13.9%), Managerial Staff ( 29.4%), Nurses (20.5%), Apprentices (12.4%), Students (8.2%)

Overall impression of ALTENPFLEGE

82.9% of visitors reported being satisfied to highly satisfied with the event.


89.8% say they would recommend a visit to others.

Plans to return

87.4% said they planned to visit the event again.

Source: Gelszus Messe-Marktforschung GmbH, Dortmund

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